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Our Mission

Many organizations and firms put together long and fancy mission statements about how they will tell you what you need and then charge you high fees for their special abilities.

Do you have a Mission Statement, or are you going on a mission? There is a vital difference.

-James C. Collins, In Pursuit of the Big Hairy Audacious Goal, Tom Peters Company, May 1993.

I have always admired Tom Peter's way of making even the most complex task a simple run-down in common sense.

So, simply put, our Mission is to listen to you and serve you.

Period. Listen. Serve. That is what we are all about.

Yes, we have resources to help us accomplish our mission. Yes, we have knowledge and yes, we bill fairly for our service. Maybe our service concept comes from the almost 20 years I have spent as a boy scout leader and maybe it comes from the 30 plus years of combined experience we have serving the non-profit industry.

Nonetheless, service is what we believe and service is what we practice. Please fee free to Call Us or Email Us so you can talk and we can listen.
Our Mission
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